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Our Story

We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature. We are committed to use animal-free material to make our product. We strive to create ethical fashion and durable accessories for organizing your digital devices. Our values are: Authenticity and social responsibility.

Sustainable materials are used throughout our designs, including our signature synthetic leather, recycled wood, kraft paper and natural straw.


Behind the scenes
- Animal-free
No animal testing. Ever.Protecting fauna is our philosophy. We use vegan leather made from the finest microfiber leather, which performs better than real leather in tear resistance, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. In other words, the product will serve you for many years more than unsustainable natural leather, hence, are sustainable products.


- Vix and Fox unique soft touch materials.
We use unique materials produce products that are sleek, slim and simple. We choose vegan leather which has a soft-to-the-toch feel, with a prmium silky texture.



- Edge Detailing

A little detail really matters. Our signature gloss edge paint adds unique finishing touches to the designs. The paints will not easily peel, crack or rub-off. From the thread, to the gloss or matte finish topcoat, every detail plays an important part in making a unique design.


- Quality control

We wear & use our products ourself, and test them in our daily lives. We test the wear and tear of our material to make sure our products are functional and fashionable. Every single product is inspected before it leaves our factory.

We work with cooperatives ensuring workers a safe, comfortable and clean working environment, a fair pay and a comfortable work life balance.


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